VET Institution “Polonskyi agro-industrial center of professional education” is a state institution of the II attestation level, which ensures the realization of the needs of citizens in vocational and technical education, mastering labor professions in accordance with their interests, abilities, and state of health.

The educational institution was established on September 8, 2016. Basis: Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 1097 of 09/08/2016. VET Institution “Polonskyi agro-industrial center of professional education” educational institution was created by joining the Poninkivskyi Professional Lyceum to the Polonskyi Professional Agrarian Lyceum.

VET Institution “Polonskyi agro-industrial center of professional education” provides training qualified workers in general professions for agriculture, economic sectors, public catering, garment production, service sector, and paper industry.

During the existence of the educational institution, more than 45,000 qualified workers have been given a start in life.

The Center has formed an engineering-pedagogical team that includes 61 teaching staff. The majority of teaching staff has considerable work experience (over 60% of teachers and masters of industrial training have more than 10 years of teaching experience).

In the educational institution, a comprehensive assessment of the level of qualifications, pedagogical professionalism and productivity of employees is carried out annually. As of 04/01/2024, the following distribution by qualification levels of teaching staff is taking place: 24 teachers have the qualification category “specialist of the highest category”, 5 of them have the pedagogical title of teacher-methodologist, 11 – senior teacher. 6 teachers of the Center have the qualification category “specialist of the first category”, 2 – “specialist of the second category”. 10 masters of industrial training have the highest tariff category, 4 of them have pedagogical titles: 2 – “master of industrial training of the 1st category”, 2 – “master of industrial training of the 2nd category”. 7 masters have 13 tariff class, 6 – 12 tariff class.

Our institution offers training in the following specialties:

  • Cook. Waiter;
  • Seamstress. Tailor;
  • Construction carpenter. Installer of plasterboard constructions;
  • Electrician for maintenance of electrical equipment. Security and fire alarm electrician;
  • Machine operator of a paper (cardboard) machine. Corrugating machine operator;
  • Locksmith for control and measuring devices and automation (electronics);
  • Locksmith repairing agricultural machines and equipment. Tractor-machinist of agricultural (forestry) production. Motor vehicle driver.

Students of the educational institution take an active part in sports competitions, artistic activities, clubs, project activities, subject olympiads, contests of professional skills, etc.